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Innovation Trend Report: Purpose-Driven Data by Marketing Team

Weber Shandwick’s Social Impact practice, a global team working at the intersection of corporate social responsibility, sustainability and social issues, continues its exploration of key macro trends that are shaping the future of social impact work with the introduction of its new Purpose-Driven Data report.

The Purpose-Driven Data report introduces the concept of “Impact Engineers,” professionals who combine the know-how of data science and communications with a keen understanding of social impact, global development and sustainability practices and trends. It also features several in-depth interviews from experts across Weber Shandwick, including Social Impact specialists, who offer insights  on purpose-driven data themes, with a focus on the important role human ingenuity plays to interpret and give meaning to data in the service of social and environmental progress.

The team created the Innovation Trends Report resource to build awareness and fuel dialogue around the fast growing Solution Economy – multi-disciplinary and collaborative efforts by companies, foundations, nonprofits and governments to solve complex social problems.

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Subsequent reports in the series will explore additional trends that are transforming how people, organizations and systems connect to drive positive change. A comprehensive view of the report series is below.

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Innovation Trends Report Series: